Bran of Caber Feidh
Acute Renal Failure

I was there, knee deep in a January snowbank in Ontario, Canada, when you were conceived. Your mama and daddy found the moonlight on the snow and the 20 degree temperatures romantic.

I was there when you were born, the hard way, by C-section.

I was there when your mama dog didn’t get any milk in, to rush you to the hospital with hypoglycemic seizures, and then tube and bottle feed you every two hours until finally, finally your mom was able to nurse you.

I was there when you first met your “littermate” Kyrie Borzoi, who showed you how to be a dog and was the first living creature to tell you no.

I was there when you grew up into a strong young boy, racing around with your “harem,” splashing in the creek, napping on the sofa.

I was there when one day, when you were only 4 years old, you wouldn’t eat, for no reason we could find. I was there when you were hospitalized, when they said your kidneys had failed, when we went to UC Davis to see if they had a miracle. I was there every day for ten long days.

But I wasn’t there when they called me in the middle of the night and said you couldn’t breathe, you were fighting for breath, the fluid had built up in your lungs. I couldn’t ask you to wait, suffering, while I drove back the 3 hours to be with you when we let you go.

You were always the sweetest boy.

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