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Note: In July of 2004, just after his 11th birthday, Skye suffered a recurrence of bacterial prostatitis, probably but not definitely related to his underlying cystinuria. While the bacteria in his urine did resolve after a course of antibiotic therapy, his symptoms did not get any better and he appeared to be in grave pain. Pain medication did not give him any relief, and after nearly 4 weeks of trying, we made the difficult decision not to put him through anymore. On August 16, 2004, we said goodbye to our Skye. We’ll miss him forever, and hope that everyone with a Scottish Deerhound with cystinuria will find the way a little clearer after reading about Skye’s experiences. For more information on cystinuria, visit my Canine Cystinuria Page

Skye would like to thank everyone who supported him in his groundbreaking campaign for governor of California in the 2003 recall election. Although his bid to be the first canine governor of the world’s fifth largest economy ultimately failed, it raised many important issues and hopefully blazed a trail for more honest, loyal, and true candidates for public office. You can read about Skye’s campaign, his platform, and his running mate, and view his list of endorsements as well as links to news stories and websites featuring Skye, at the Skye for Governor Homepage.

Although Skye has been approached by several presidential frontrunners who want his expertise either as a running mate or campaign advisor, Skye feels his time is best spent on Starving Deerhounds of the World, Inc., of which he is founder. He also feels that at his advanced age, running in the Vice-presidential slot would be a mistake. By the time he was ready to run for president in 2012, he would be nearly 140 years old in people years. While age does bring wisdom, he feels that might be pushing the envelope a bit more than America is ready for.

Of course, given the bozo they elected governor in the 2003 recall, it might really be true that anything can happen.

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