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As I stood at the counter in the kitchen preparing a beautiful bowl full of range-fed meat, sprinkled with organic green veggies and nutritious supplements for my dogs, it struck me: When was the last time I’d made a meal for myself? Why was it ok for me to live on crackers and cheese, pizza, and microwaved, reheated coffee, but not ok for my animals?

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of taking better care of everyone else in your life than you do of yourself. But you have to remember: You cannot give what you don’t have. If you are sick, weak, badly fed, not getting enough sleep, not getting enough fresh air, sunshine, companionship, and mental stimulation, if you are stressed, if your life is out of balance, then you won’t really be able to do your best for the people in your life or the animals in your care.

We all have to make compromises. Life is full of stress and challenges. But remember that you matter, and that a life out of balance takes its toll, sooner or later. We are animals with an evolutionary history, a natural diet, a place in the order of things. Make an effort to learn about holistic approaches to caring for your dogs’ best friend and your cats’ favorite person!

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