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This list is for people wanting to learn more about nutrition and dogs, and sharing ideas on feeding for daily use and for special needs, such as illness, recuperating, lactation, pregnancy and for all life stages. Topics range from recipe sharing, use of vitamins and minerals, issues of diet for arthritis and allergies, use of herbs and herbal tinctures and talking about books on diet (old and new). This is a very large and busy list, with many different points of view represented and tolerance is required to join. To subscribe, visit, or email

Deerhound-L, owned by Ellen Bonacarti of Chartwell Scottish Deerhounds, has brought together deerhounders across the globe in a way none of us could have imagined ten years ago. Most of us see each other once a year at the National Specialty, if at all, and without Deerhound-L, there would be many more stangers in the deerhound world. To subscribe, go to

If you are starting to question annual or “booster” shots, vaccination in general, drugs, or flea, tick, or heartworm prevention, or are already committed to alternative methods of building excellent health and disease resistance in your pets, this list is for you. We’re here to talk about holistic and alternative health for dogs and cats, the relationship of health to common vaccination practices, and how to create radiant good health in our companion animals in order to protect them from disease. To subscribe, visit, or email

The bonecancerdogs email list is a treasure trove of information, support, links, files, suggestions, ideas, photos, videos and just about any other kind of resource you can imagine for dealing with osteosarcoma in your dog. The files section is probably the best tool you’ll have in this battle, and there are a lot of long term survivor dogs out there whose stories can give you hope, too. To subscribe, go to Bone Cancer Dogs Email List or email

If you have questions about tick borne diseases in dogs, such as ehrlichiosis, Lyme, etc., there is no better resource than Tick-L. This is a great list with many knowledgeable dog owners and veterinarians. To subscribe go to

Do you have a nagging feeling there is something wrong with your dog’s endocrine system or metabolism, but tests are inconclusive or don’t find anything wrong? Has your dog actually been diagnosed with an endocrine or auto-immune disorder? Are you dealing with a dog with Cushings or similar conditions? Check out this list, both the posts and the amazing array of links and files, for resources to help you figure out what’s going on with your dog, and what you can do about it. To subscribe go to for or email

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