Ch. Sindar Lady MacDuff

Our Duffy left us just a few days shy of her 12th birthday, in December of 2002. Kathy wants to compose her memorial, but even though many months have passed, has not been able to find the right words yet. So for now, we’ll just let this text, originally written for the Family Photo section, stand.

Ch. Sindar Lady MacDuff taking the breed from the classes under Dr. Greathouse. Handled by our friend Leslie Brodie.Duffy was originally bought as a companion to her show-quality sister, but as the sisters grew up it was clear that Duffy was something very special. Gentle, flirtatious, curvy, sound, healthy, feminine, and with classic deerhound type, she went and topped it off by being sweet, loving, healthy, and a fantastic mother.

Duffy lives with Kathleen in San Francisco, and has legions of fans at Fort Funston, Golden Gate Park, and other dog-friendly areas. During her show career she specialized in standing perfectly still except for a happily wagging tail while the judges examined her, and then just as they came to her head, she would duck her head, look up from under her lashes, and give them a very gentle touch with her nose, the “Duffy kiss.” Few judges could refrain from breaking into a big smile and rubbing her ears and telling her what a good girl she was. She finished with three majors, at the age of 1, but doesn’t gloat over her basket full of blue ribbons when reminiscing with sister Lillie.

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