WellPeople and BeyondVaccination Commercial Activity Policy

This is the policy for the WellPeople and BeyondVaccination email lists on commercial content in messages.

If you benefit financially from a product in any way, please do not discuss, defend, or recommend it.

I don’t object if someone has a link in their signature to a site where they sell things, but other than that, DO NOT post links to commercial sites that benefit you in any way.

If you are just sharing something that worked for you or that you think might be relevant to someone’s question or a discussion, by all means post it. But if it benefits YOU… either through a direct sale or a referral commission or any kind of network marketing program, or in ANY WAY… it’s not allowed on this list.

And anyone who is marketing to list members in private email to get around this rule will have themselves removed from the list immediately.

Just to be crystal clear, this WOULD be ok as a signature:

Jane Doe
Rover’s House of Health Supplements

This would NOT be ok in a post:

Hi, my name is Joan Smith and I sell some great dog and human supplements at my site. Come check it out and let me know what you think: http://www.rovershouseofhealth.com

This would also NOT be ok:

Sue, I know exactly what you are going through! I used to have terrible itchy skin too, and so did my dog Rover! I discovered a wonderful oil, which I sell on my site at http://www.rovershouseofhealth.com. I know it will help you!

If you are at all unclear on this policy, please email me or my co-list moderator, Sharyn Cerniglia, before posting, using the “Email Listowner” link on the main pages for the lists:

Beyond Vaccination

If you have been on the list a while and in general make contributions to the list, and make an honest mistake, then don’t worry about… I might write you or you can write me, and it will be ok. But with people who join the list for no other reason than to promote something, or people who continue with commercial activity after being warned, trust me…. you will be gone.

I feel very strongly about this so ask that you bend over backwards to avoid using this list for any form of commercial activity, or even the appearance thereof. I know that several of you have in fact modified your posts at my request with great graciousness, and I thank you for your understanding.

Christie Keith
Owner, WellPeople and BeyondVaccination

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