The Scottish Deerhound

AliThe Scottish Deerhound is similar to a greyhound but larger, and with a shaggy, rough coat. Deerhounds come in every shade of grey from palest silver to almost black. They are long lived for a giant breed dog, often living ten years and occasionally longer. Females live longer than males. The Deerhound is a loving companion dog and cannot live outdoors or in a kennel. Nor can they be left alone all day long.

Is the Deerhound Right For You?
Many people become interested in the Deerhound because of an interest in Scotland, or in their own Scottish heritage. Others meet a Deerhound and fall in love. Deerhounds are loving, humorous, whimsical, athletic, and become sincerely devoted to their human companions. Deerhounds are wonderful dogs for those who have a large, safely fenced area for them to exercise in, and who do not spend long hours away from home on a regular basis.

DC Caber Feidh Fraser MacDuff, FCh, LCM1, the first Lure Courser of Merit Deerhound on the West Coast (owned by Karin Shainman).Deerhounds are stupid about cars and, as they can run 30 or more miles per hour, cannot be allowed to run loose in unfenced areas. One of the leading causes of death of Deerhounds is being hit by a car.

Deerhounds are not good obedience dogs, though if you have endless patience and a wonderful sense of humor you can do obedience work with them. Deerhounds by and large are sweet, tractable, lazy dogs… they won’t challenge you for pack leadership because it would be too much work.

Those who share their lives with Deerhounds wonder why they are not more popular, but the Deerhound is really not for everyone. Read more about it in “So You Think You Want a Scottish Deerhound?”

Holistic Care
We have been Nature Rearing our dogs since 1986. Nature Rearing is a practice developed by legendary Afghan Hound breeder Juliette de Bairacli-Levi half a century ago. It involves feeding a diet based on nature, using raw organic meats, herbs, fresh raw vegetables, and a lifestyle as close to nature as possible.

Looking for more information on holistic care of Scottish Deerhounds and other dogs? Visit our holistic care page!

Responsible Breeding
Dogs of our breeding have been conformation and field champions, and companions in loving homes.

So You Want a Puppy?
We are not breeding at this time, and suggest you contact Scottish Deerhound Breeder Referral if you are interested in obtaining a deerhound.

More Information on the Breed?
The best place to go for breed information is the website of the Scottish Deerhound Club of America. There you can read about subscribing to the Claymore, the semi-monthly publication of the SDCA, and to Deerhound-L, the internet email discussion list for Scottish Deerhounds. There is no better place to hang out and hear all about deerhounds!

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