Bran at 8 weeks Bran of Caber Feidh at 8 weeks, sired by Multiple Best in Show and Group Winner Am. Can. Ch. Fernhill’s Somerset JC, out of my own second generation naturally reared Ch. Rose of Caber Feidh. Co-owned with his doting “dad,” Eric Partridge.

Born April 13, 1999, as an “only child,” Bran had a rough start in life. Fortunately, the devoted care of Eric, the amazing patience and love of his mom Rosie (who protected him from rampaging elephants and various other horrible threats such as the squeakers in his toys, falling off of things, wandering off, having to lie in a soiled pen, or missing a meal), and the expert care of Dr. Helen Hamilton, all pulled him through. He’s now as tough, healthy, and strong as any puppy could be, and spends his days vainly trying to catch Kyrie and chasing balls and sticks, like a good puppy should.

Kyrie and Eric Eric with Bran’s “littermate,” the lovely Miss Kyrie Borzoi, known more formally as Falkenar Keshari Valkyrie, bred by Leslie D. Gomez and Anne Drag Kneesch, by Ch. Amberwind’s on the Wild Side x Keshari’s Song of Amberset, owned by Eric Partridge. Kyrie is fast as the wind, was born to course, and has graciously consented to remain with Bran as his “sister” forever. The other deerhounds think she’s ok, even if she CAN outrun them all.

You can sponsor Kyrie’s dad in AIDS Ride 2000 by emailing him at

Bran and Kyrie
Bran at 14 weeks, Kyrie at 15 weeks. “Lemme at ‘im!”

Colleen Colleen, a Canine Good Citizen, is a Chow/Australian Shepherd mix and the great love of my life. Thirteen years old now, she was rescued from the shelter when she was two. She had been left stuffed in the night deposit box. The very next day I walked into the shelter, where she looked right into my eyes and informed me that she was my dog. I took her home.

Colleen suffers from a number of genetic health problems, including hip dysplasia. She had a litter before she came into my life. I have spent over $10,000 in medical bills on Colleen, and she has spent many days of her life in pain. Please, unless you have reliable health information on several generations on each side of both dogs involved, whether mixed breed or purebred, you don’t know enough to breed those dogs. How many of Colleen’s unknown puppies inherited her problems? How many have not been as lucky as Colleen? Neuter and spay your pets.

And remember…. it may well be that your future best friend is in a shelter right now. Look there first!

Scarlett This is Scarlett, a 7-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Australian Cattle Dog mix. She was a neighborhood stray I rescued at the age of three months. I meant to keep her just long enough to find her a good home…. but kept her long enough to lose my heart to her, instead. It’s very humbling to live with a dog who is smarter than you are.

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