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In this section of our website, you will find information on raw and home prepared diets, vaccination, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, holistic lifestyle, how to find a holistic veterinarian, and links to sites for further information on those subjects.

Titers: What do they tell us
Titers and Canine Vaccination Decisions
Titers and Feline Vaccination Decisions
Puppy Shots: Vaccination Issues for Breeders
Nosodes: An Alternative to Vaccination?
Leptospirosis Vaccination
Lyme Disease Treatment, Diagnosis, and Vaccination
Holistic Care
Holistic Ferret Care
Is Your Vet Really ‘Holistic’?
Getting Rid of Fleas … Holistically
Flower Remedies for Pets
Serene and Green
Itchy Pets
General Care
Beyond Diet and Vet Care: Holistic Lifestyle for Dogs and Cats
Outdoor Dogs
Leo and Bane
Can Indoor Cats Be Happy?
Bitch Fight
The Whole(istic) Truth About Pet Food
Natural Diet: DON’T “Just Do It”
Are Raw Meat and Dairy Products Safe?
Pain, Arthritis, & Medications
Pain in Dogs and Cats: Introduction and Basics
Pain in Dogs and Cats: Injuries, Mild Pain, Arthritis, First Aid
Pain in Dogs and Cats: Post-Surgery, Severe Pain
Adequan: A Near-Miracle for Dogs with Arthritis

Cystinuria in Scottish Deerhounds
Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer) in Scottish Deerhounds
Scottish Deerhound Forum
The Scottish Deerhound Club of America
Deerhound Rescue
Deerhound Breeder Referral
Coursing Your Deerhounds
Deerhound Health Issues

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