The Scottish Deerhound Club of America
The SDCA is the parent club of the Scottish Deerhound in the United States, and this is where you should start looking for information on the breed.

Deerhound Rescue
Help a deerhound in need!

Deerhound Breeder Referral
This is where to go if you are looking for a puppy.

Lehigh Deerhounds
Incredible photos of incredible deerhounds from one of the top deerhound breeders of all time, Paula Pascoe. Be sure not to miss the “Elk Dreams” section, a tribute to Lehigh dogs now gone to the Bridge. And of course, check out the “Bairns”! Note: As of now, this site appears to be gone, and I’m linking to the web archive version. If I locate a new Lehigh site, I’ll update.

Fernhill Deerhounds
Another top breeder, Barb Heidenreich. Lots of educational information, and you can buy Barb’s famous “Deerhound Primer.” Don’t miss the article on deerhound temperament.

Chartwell Deerhounds
Home of Rory, the runningest deerhound ever: BII NFC DC CHARTWELL SILVER RUN VALEVUE SGRC, ORC, LCM 6, VC, and the first AKC National Lure Coursing Champion and the 1995 ASFA Best in International Invitational.
Note: That link seems to be broken. There is a similar but not as recent version of the site here, and the web archive of the original is here.

Canine Cystinuria
The site I own and maintain on canine cystinuria, a genetic kidney defect that affects Scottish Deerhounds and many other breeds.

Nero the Deerhound and Osteosarcoma
Please visit this moving and educational site, detailing the life of Nero, a deerhound with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer.

Lyonhill Farms
Another longtime deerhound breeder. Lots of great photos and a bit of history!

Kilbourne Deerhounds (UK)
Wonderful reference site. Photos, pedigrees, history, links.

Deerhounds-Online (Germany)
A German site, with some English text and lots of photos.

Scottish Deerhound Club of Finland
More international deerhounds! This is the English version of the site.

Tannochbrae Deerhounds
The hounds of Tannochbrae.

Ců Liath Scottish Deerhounds
Meet the hounds of Ců Liath!

Doxhope Deerhounds, Lurchers, & Longdogs
From the UK, a site about the hunting deerhound. Great photos.

Margory Cohen’s “Scottish Deerhounds”
Dedicated to the memory of Miss Norah Hartley. Excellent and comprehensive deerhound bibliography.

CuNeve Deerhounds
Great quote from Vicki Hearne!

Northern California Deerhound Club
The official site of NCDC, our regional club. We hold a yearly “Deerhound Fun Day” and other get togethers throughout the year.

San Francisco Raw Feeders Co-op
If you live in San Francisco or nearby, you can get some amazing deals on pastured, naturally raised, and other healthful meats and supplies for your dogs and cats through this recently-formed co-op.

Want to find one just like it in YOUR neck of the woods? Check out the list maintained by Mary Straus at DogAware.com, or join the Carnivore Feed Supplier List!

Canine Tick Disease
Gil Ash’s great website about tick disease, which in my view is seriously underdiagnosed in dogs.

Cystinuria in Scottish Deerhounds
Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer) in Scottish Deerhounds
Scottish Deerhound Forum
The Scottish Deerhound Club of America
Deerhound Rescue
Deerhound Breeder Referral
Coursing Your Deerhounds
Deerhound Health Issues

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