Allister of Caber Feidh, JC, JOR, GRC, ORC
Died of complications of anesthesia.

What can I say about Allister? He was the best puppy in his litter, and I raised him thinking he’d be staying with me. But one of his testicles never descended, and his brother Dylan was not liking life as an “only dog” at his new home, so after much thought, I let him go live with my good friend Terri Campbell of Forteviot Deerhounds.

Allister never showed any interest in lure coursing when he was with me, but Terri has the magic touch and she actually coaxed, trained, and cajoled the King of the Couch Potatoes into a number of running titles.

While under anesthesia at a specialty practice, having x-rays done on a neck injury, Allister died. Despite a complete post mortem exam, no cause of death was found other than anesthesia complications.

I owe a special and loving thanks to Terri Campbell, who gave Ali such a wonderful home and then generously let me keep a place for him in the corner of my heart forever.

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