Ch. Rose of Caber Feidh

Rosie napping, November 2, 2002What can I say about Rosie? Another flirt, another sound and shapely bitch, another wonderful mother! Other than a close encounter with a rattlesnake just before her eighth birthday, nothing’s ever gotten Rosie down. Her hobbies are batting her eyelashes, leaping over things you really thought were too high to be leapt over, making older dogs act young and younger dogs think she’s still a puppy, team-tagging with her mom, Duffy, as ambassador for the breed, and in general spreading joy wherever she goes.

Before Miss Kyrie Borzoi came to join our family as Bran’s adopted sister, he was being raised in a double set of 4-foot high ex-pens in our living room with Rosie, his mother, to care for him. She was a very conscientious mama dog, and kept him clean, cuddled, and safe. To provide some companionship and snuggle buddies for the little singleton, we had put several stuffed animals in with him. They all had squeakers in them, and when we would play with Bran, we’d sound the squeakers when he bit or grabbed at the toys. It was as close as we could come to giving him littermates.

One day, when Rosie had been let out of the pen for a potty break, I was in it, playing with Bran. I had a new toy for him, a stuffed elephant that made a very convincing “ROAR!” when squeezed. The very first time I squeezed it, Rosie came flying over the ex-pen side, landing in full throttle on top of my arm (missing her puppy, however), with the rampaging elephant in her jaws. (Not to mention my hand.)

I had to put a leash on her to get her to go outside again.

Rosie finishing her championship, handled by Charlotte Fielder

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