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Raven Raven came into my life after my singleton puppy, Bran, was born back in 1999. She was bred by my friend Allyn Babitch, who had bred my beloved Lillie. Raven actually shared some of Lillie’s traits, being a true “Princess of the Sindar Barn.” After Lillie went to the Bridge at age 12, Raven promptly moved onto my bed, informing me that all bed dogs in our home had to be Sindar barn princesses. It was common knowledge, she said. Who was I to argue?

Unlike Lillie, Raven had a lifetime of chronic health problems, due to the worst case of allergies I’ve ever seen. By 17 weeks, when she came to live with me, she already had yeast infections in both her ears. I was philisophical, figuring that a few weeks on a wholesome natural diet and all would be well. It didn’t work out that way. (You can read about Raven and her allergies on my Canine Allergies Page.)

Raven and ChristieAt one point, I wrote this paragraph fpr Raven’s profile on my website:

Raven has gone on to become my best friend, always sleeping on the bed with me, and always the one nearest me during the day. She is a gentle, loving, affectionate girl, and very beautiful. I deeply regret the suffering she’s gone through, but it’s taught me a lot and for that I’m grateful to her. I just hope the lessons are over now, and she can spend the rest of her hopefully long life doing all the things she loves best – snuggling on the office sofa, racing up and down the beach, and curling up with a good book. (Yes, like our Doughal, Raven is a real book lover.)

RavenUnfortunately it was not to be, as Raven was diagnosed on May 31, 2005 with osteosarcoma in her left rear leg, at the hock. One June 10, she had surgery to amputate her leg. There were some complications and it ended up being quite an ordeal for us both, requring six days’ hospitalization. Despite our best efforts, despite a fight I honestly didn’t know I had in me, less than four months later we said goodbye to our beloved girl.

I created a section of my blog devoted to Raven’s story. The most recent entries are listed first, so if you want to read it from the beginning, start at the bottom and scroll up. You’ll find the tribute I wrote to her here, and the complete “Raven” section here.

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