I adopted two rescue Greyhounds. This is Stella in the foreground — I have almost no photos of her by herself, as she is almost always either playing with Rawley or curled up with Val, the dog in the background.

Little Stella, who is 2 years old and very underweight, is much needier than Val. She likes to be under the blankets on the bed. She can’t sleep by herself; she needs to be physically touching Val, me, or Rawley. She’s far less demanding than Val, easily startled, and defers to everyone while still being eager and ready to play, cuddle, or go out for a walk.

This is why the rescue group, GRACE, was so adamant the two girls had to be adopted together. I think Val would have been okay, but Stella might not have made it.  What’s lovely to see is Stella bonding with Rawley and with me. She and Rawls play all day long, and at night, when they’re too tired to run or even stand up, they’ll lie on the floor or on my bed and kind of feebly mouth-wrestle until they fall asleep. If you wake them up, they’ll half-heartedly resume their game until their eyes drift shut again. It’s absolutely adorable, and I’ve never seen it in my adult dogs, only in puppies.

Stella is also only the second dog I’ve ever had who likes to sleep under a blanket. Kyrie would do that when she was young, but hadn’t done it in years. Stella noses her way under my comforter and finally settles in that way, not even her little nose poking out. Just like a cat!

I’ll have more about Stella later.

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