It’s been a long, long time since I had a dog who would curl up in an armchair! This is my sweet Val, who is 8 years old.


I adopted two rescue Greyhounds in November of 2011, and this is the older of the two, Val. She’s my shadow!

Val is a very confident dog, calm, and fairly stubborn. She reminds me of my Scottish Deerhound, Lillie, in many ways. She wants what she wants when she wants it, and seems to expect that she’ll get it, too.

Val is 8 years old; her “sister,” Stella, who is 2 years old and very underweight, is much needier. She likes to be under the blankets on the bed. She can’t sleep by herself; she needs to be physically touching Val, me, or Rawley. She’s far less demanding than Val, easily startled, and defers to everyone while still being eager and ready to play, cuddle, or go out for a walk.

My guess — and I could be wrong; the guesses of people who adopt rescue dogs are notoriously inaccurate — is that Val had a long period of her life where things were stable, but Stella has not. Whatever her first two years were like, they coincided with huge changes in her previous owner’s life, which culminated in the two dogs being given up in a less-than-ideal way.

This is why the rescue group, GRACE, was so adamant the two girls had to be adopted together. I think Val would have been okay, but Stella might not have made it. 

I’ll have more about Val later.

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